Friday, November 6, 2015

Cerulean Blue

The sky was a beautiful cerulean blue last night.

Cerulean blue was my favorite crayon when I was little.

I was always sad when it was missing from the box...which was often because it seemed it was everyone's favorite color.

My Mother is exceptional at coloring.  Honestly she's the best I've ever seen.  She used to really take her time and outlined everything and then shade it in.

I loved coloring growing up.

One time in high school there was this girl...I can't remember her name but she definitely marched to the beat of her own drum.

She always dressed in Gothic clothing and sat by herself during free period.

I saw her coloring once and asked her about it and she said her therapist recommended she do it to calm herself down.

I've noticed a trend of adult coloring books in stores recently and I think there is something therapeutic about coloring.

And by "adult" I don't mean R rated material I mean "grown up".

For example there is a Bill Murray coloring book that is popular right now. 

Jeff bought be a few grown up coloring books a couple years ago and I have yet to do them and that makes me sad.

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