Monday, October 7, 2013

They've done it again...New Bumble Bee Tuna Flavors!!!

Remember my post a while back about one of the greatest food inventions of our time?

Well Bumble Bee Tuna has some new flavors out.

I tried the Chipotle and Olive Oil one last week and it was incredible.  Almost as good as my all time favorite Spice Thai Chili.  

I can't wait to try the Jalapeño and Olive Oil one

Run and go get some.  They don't require any mayo.  They are that flavorful.  Do you know how crazy that is???  

Even if you don't like tuna just try them, please, for me!

I tried a sample of this Pumpkin Soup from Trader Joe's and it was also blogworthy.

The whole box is like 180 calories.

So good and only $1.79.

Has anyone tried these?

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