Sunday, September 15, 2013

Green Fields Market

I LOVE Green Fields Market in San Antonio, TX.

It's an adorable, cozy, "Whole Foods" type of store.

What I love about it however is that amongst the organic hemp seed and organic black corn tortilla chips you will find Oreos, Cheetos and other junk food.

This store doesn't discriminate and I love them for it.

It's kinda like Treasure Island in Chicago.

I stop in Green Fields daily when I visit my family because I love there drip coffee.

Texas Pecan is the best flavor by far.  

The last time we were there my Mom and I tried a few crazy soda flavors.
So far I've only had the Gram's Cracker one.  It was a little too sweet but tasted just like it.  I love fun drinks like this.

Green Fields also has a great selection of pastries.  
These are conchas (which means "shell") Mexican sweet bread.

If you live in San Antonio you really should be going to Green Fields.

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