Thursday, May 9, 2013

Re: Blue Footed Booby

As you may recall I blogged last August about my dream of one day seeing a blue footed booby.

Well ladies and gentlemen I am happy to report that I saw one in Mexico!

(photo curtesy of my cast mate John)

We were out on a snorkeling excursion in the Marietas Islands which was already a sight to behold....

when suddenly our tour guide asked us if we anyone wanted to see a blue footed booby.  I freaked out and started screaming "Me!!! I do, I do!"  Jeff was shocked because I'm normally not a huge wild life fan.  He then guided us to a collection of rocks that boasted tons of blue AND yellow footed boobies.

Our guide told us that although they are mostly found in the Galapagos Islands a bunch have migrated to this cluster of islands off the coast of Puerto Vallarta.  When I shared this fact with my Father he immediately became (jokingly) suspicious. 

"I wonder if someone is just painting those birds feet?  I mean what are they doing in Mexico?"  He said.

My Dad grew up in Mexico so I tend to take his word on everything.  

The birds feet looked legit to me so I'm gonna go ahead and say there was no hoax :)

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