Sunday, May 26, 2013

No Cheating

My dear friend and nemesis Brett told me that if I changed the date on my phone to a date in the future, I would instantly get more lives in Candy Crush.

He was right!

However, when I changed back to the actual date the game punished me for cheating.

It punished me for the exact amount of time that I cheated: 24 hours.

"Thanks a lot!" I said to Brett before our murder mystery show.

"At least you only got punished 24 hours. It won't let me play again till October!". He replied.

Pretty funny.

Do not cheat in Candy Crush!

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Anonymous said...

I am now obsessed with this game after reading your blog. I play on my iphone and iPad. When I fall asleep, I sometimes "see" candy combinations in my head. I remember experiencing this when I was big on Tetris. I think I need a support group! :) -Becca Lu