Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Only News I Read

I have finally found the news source for me!

The Underwatertimes!  No politics, no controversy just news about alligators and crocodiles!

It is here where you might find such news headlines as:

"Crocodile mistakes hippo for rock."

"Crocodile eats shark."

"One-eyed, 3 legged crocodile quoted as being 'The highlight of our trip' says tourist"

Or my personal favorite "Crocodile steals lawnmower at park in Australia 'took it underwater with him'"

Now unfortunately there are also some pretty gruesome articles about crocodile and alligator attacks around the world.  I find these articles very informative because I am terrified of being killed by a croc.

Let's hear it for the Underwater Times!

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