Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bumble Bee Sensations Spicy Thai Chili

Bumble Bee Sensations Spice Thai Chili is the most flavorful canned tuna I have ever had.

It's also the first tuna I haven't had to add mayo to. 

This canned tuna is so fresh and vibrant and even comes with little, tiny chili peppers in it for an added kick.

And for only 180 calories a can you can't go wrong!

The Only News I Read

I have finally found the news source for me!

The Underwatertimes!  No politics, no controversy just news about alligators and crocodiles!

It is here where you might find such news headlines as:

"Crocodile mistakes hippo for rock."

"Crocodile eats shark."

"One-eyed, 3 legged crocodile quoted as being 'The highlight of our trip' says tourist"

Or my personal favorite "Crocodile steals lawnmower at park in Australia 'took it underwater with him'"

Now unfortunately there are also some pretty gruesome articles about crocodile and alligator attacks around the world.  I find these articles very informative because I am terrified of being killed by a croc.

Let's hear it for the Underwater Times!


While hanging out with my friend Becca a few weeks ago I suddenly remembered Muzzy.

I asked Becca if she remembered a commercial from the 90's called Muzzy and she looked at me like a crazy person.

Then I magically found it on youtube.

After watching the video Becca totally remembered Muzzy!

Watch it right now!

Alex Mack

The other day out of the blue I started thinking about an old Nickelodeon show about a girl who got covered with some sort of goo and had magical powers.

With little to no internet access on the cruise ship I was left to sit and ponder the name of this show for hours.

When I finally thought of it I sat up and shouted "The Secret World of Alex Mack!"

You don't know how happy I was.  

I always thought Larisa Oleynik was the classic girl next door.  She is so beautiful and I really thought she would go far.

Upon looking her up today however she really hasn't done that much.

Why Larisa?  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

World's Largest ATM

I stumbled upon the self-proclaimed World's Largest ATM. I'm a big fan of both huge and small things so I got a real kick out of it.

It was my favorite part of Jamaica so far.

Inside was just a regular ATM and it was broken.

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