Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Oreo Flavor and Jeff Dunking

My Secret Santa bought me some awesome Cookies and Cream flavored Oreos.

The inside cream is speckled and has an extra boost of cookies and cream flavor.

I thought Jeff was really smart when he opened up his milk carton completely allowing him to dunk his cookies.

He thought I was crazy for taking his photo.

My Preserved Wedding Dress

My parents graciously preserved my wedding dress a few months ago.

I think its ready for the Smithsonian.

New Orleans Photos

A group of girls playing on their balcony in the French Quarter.

I want to try these chips so bad.

Adorable macaron trinket boxes.

My favorite Christmas decorations. 

For weeks I have called these guys the Dirty Swamp Boys.  They are like the "One Direction" of the prohibition era.  

I finally bought their cd last week and their real name is "The Drunken Catfish Gang."

Their cd was wrapped in a piece of decorated loose leaf paper and was all scratched. 

Gotta love these guys. 

Christmas Headbands

A store in the French Quarter has the funnest Christmas headbands.

I plan on getting one this Sunday!

Scribblenauts App World 10 Level 10

I have been stuck for a few weeks on World 10 Level 10 of Scribblenauts for the iPhone.

Does anyone know how to beat those monsters?


Bridge Mix

One of my favorite chocolate candies in the world is bridge mix, a collection of chocolate covered nuts, caramels and fruits.

My father has eaten it my whole life and since I take after his palette I love the stuff too.

I have never met anyone else who likes it.

I mean I guess its kind of an old person food (sorry Dad).

My father told me his mother used to eat it when she hosted bridge parties.

I would love to learn how to play bridge and host a party.

Anyone know how to play?

Fun Socks

I currently own three pairs of fun socks and they were all gifts from my friend Becca.

Peanut butter and jelly socks.
Cupcake socks.

And bacon and egg socks.

These socks make me so happy every time I wear them.

I kinda wanna be the girl who always has fun socks on.

I looked up fun socks on the internet and look what popped up.
Shark socks with blood around the ankles.

So fun!