Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Central Time Zone

There is something so utterly perfect about the central time zone.

It is my absolute favorite.

I spent a huge chunk of my life on the east coast but never feel in love with the eastern time zone.

I always felt like it was too late.

Having to wait for all my favorite shows to start at 9 and 10pm at night.

I would think to myself “If I was in the central time zone I could be watching my favorite shows while eating dinner.”

Pacific time always seemed way to early.

It actually makes me sick to my stomach to think about the pacific time zone.

I picture it in my mind perpetually frozen at 4:00am.

My brother lives in pacific time zone now and every time I’m on the phone with him I think “Is the sun even up yet?”

“Yes it’s up...it’s noon.” He’ll reply.

But I can’t shake the image of him in a dark room right before day breaks.

I was still in college on the east coast when my family moved to the central time zone.

I was insanely jealous.

Every time I was on the phone with them I would think “If I was there I would have an extra hour to finish this paper!”

I would call them in the middle of the night and they would boast that the sun was still up. 

When I finally moved to Chicago I was so thrilled to finally be apart of my favorite time zone. 

I will say it took me weeks to realize that the reason I was missing my favorite shows was because I was still adhering to the eastern time zone.

Jeff completely agrees with me that the central time zone is the best.

Our ship just started porting out of New Orleans and we are beyond thrilled to be back in the good ole CTZ.

* I should note that I think I’m forgetting about a time zone.  Is it called the rocky mountain time zone?  Or am I thinking about the rocky mountain chocolate factory? 

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