Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BBC Sherlock Holmes

I am obsessed with the BBC's Sherlock Holmes series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

I never thought I would ever like Sherlock anything.

When I was younger I remember trying to read a Sherlock Holmes book and it sounded like complete gibberish to me.

However I was always a fan of Disney's The Great Mouse Detective which tells the story of Sherlock Holmes from the perspective of mice.

Now that version I was able to understand!

Jeff told me to give the BBC version a chance so I did two nights ago and I absolutely love it.

You know what my problem is sometimes?

I don't want to fully pay attention to something.

This happens a lot when I watch old movies.

I immediately just want to give up on them because they come off boring.

But if I sit still and really pay attention I start to really like complicated plot lines.

It's actually a very rewarding experience to pay attention to a show for a hour and then get the pay off of all the information coming together in the final minutes of the episode.

I give BBC's Sherlock a standing ovation and I'm only on episode 3!

Little People Big World: Wedding Farm

I just discovered that Little People Big World has a new season!

Wedding Farm!

Matt and Amy are attempting to use their farm as a wedding venue.

Cue the fighting!

I'm currently downloading episodes.

I love those Roloff's.

PS. I think Jeff and I should get remarried on Roloff Farm.


The latest season of Top Chef introduced me to a creature I have never heard of before.

The contestants got to choice a crustacean to work with.

Off to the side was a deep aquarium filled with grayish sand.

All the contestants immediately ran and put their hands deep in the sand.

They proceeded to pull out the craziest creature I have ever seen.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the geoduck pronounced gooey duck.

It's a type of clam.

Who knew?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Manty's Thanksgiving

Before I left for my trip Becca gave me a manta ray stuffed animal to take with me so I could do my own photobombs.

Well Manty had a wonderful Teppanyaki Thanksgiving.

We dined on scallops and shrimp.

It was a very strange but delicious Thanksgiving meal.


Megan taught me how to play Yahtzee the other day.

I love this game!

Growing up it always looked so boring to me.

I think the box just looks so drab.

Turns out its a really fun, quick game.

Megan explained that to get "Yahtzee" one has to roll the same number on all five die.

That sounded impossible to me and I declared I would be lucky if I saw one yahtzee in my lifetime.

Megan assured me it happens quite often.

I didn't believe her and then shortly thereafter she got it.

We both screamed yahtzee at the top of our lungs in the buffet.

Cafe Beignet

A few weeks ago I grabbed some lunch at an adorable place called Cafe Beignet.

I loved the curvature of the space.

I enjoyed my first authentic muffaletta  sandwich and ate every last bite.

The deli meat was super fresh.

Later that day however Jeff gave me a bite of his muffaletta from Frank's Restaurant and I found his to be far superior.

When we get off the ship in January we are going to vacation in NOLA for a few days and I'm going to try Central Grocery's muffaletta.

I still need to try a po'boy!

French Door Mirror

Wouldn't this be an awesome vanity mirror for putting on make-up?

It's for sale at a really cool store here in the French Quarter called Forever New Orleans.

Bird on Wire

In Honduras I saw a hummingbird on a wire.

He was a cute little fella.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Guacamole Stonehenge

I'm in Costa Maya, Mexico and I just ordered some guacamole and this is how it came out.

I've never seen such a presentation.

Doreen's Jazz New Orleans

My favorite street musician in New Orleans right now is Doreen's Jazz Band.

Ms. Doreen is da bomb dot com.

I am beyond obsessed with her, she is just so legit and awesome.

She is the most fantastic clarinet player I have ever seen.

I didn't even know a clarinet could sound so good.

Remember in middle school when everyone played the clarinet?

I would always roll my eyes at them and think to myself "You might as well be playing a slide whistle from the Cracker Barrel gift shop."

I just never gave the clarinet much attention.

Well Ms. Doreen has really opened my eyes to what an amazing instrument it is.

Or maybe its just that Ms. Doreen manipulates it in such a way that it is so cool.

This band is legit y'all.

They have played for every president since Carter.

Here is her website.

I bought one of her cds last week and it brightens my mood every time I listen to it.

I can't wait to just play it around my apartment.

If you ever find yourself in the French Quarter you must visit Doreen's Jazz Band.

Here's a little video of them:

Central Time Zone

There is something so utterly perfect about the central time zone.

It is my absolute favorite.

I spent a huge chunk of my life on the east coast but never feel in love with the eastern time zone.

I always felt like it was too late.

Having to wait for all my favorite shows to start at 9 and 10pm at night.

I would think to myself “If I was in the central time zone I could be watching my favorite shows while eating dinner.”

Pacific time always seemed way to early.

It actually makes me sick to my stomach to think about the pacific time zone.

I picture it in my mind perpetually frozen at 4:00am.

My brother lives in pacific time zone now and every time I’m on the phone with him I think “Is the sun even up yet?”

“Yes it’s up...it’s noon.” He’ll reply.

But I can’t shake the image of him in a dark room right before day breaks.

I was still in college on the east coast when my family moved to the central time zone.

I was insanely jealous.

Every time I was on the phone with them I would think “If I was there I would have an extra hour to finish this paper!”

I would call them in the middle of the night and they would boast that the sun was still up. 

When I finally moved to Chicago I was so thrilled to finally be apart of my favorite time zone. 

I will say it took me weeks to realize that the reason I was missing my favorite shows was because I was still adhering to the eastern time zone.

Jeff completely agrees with me that the central time zone is the best.

Our ship just started porting out of New Orleans and we are beyond thrilled to be back in the good ole CTZ.

* I should note that I think I’m forgetting about a time zone.  Is it called the rocky mountain time zone?  Or am I thinking about the rocky mountain chocolate factory? 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scribblenauts the Greatest iPhone App of All Time

A few weeks ago Brett gave me a free code to download the iPhone app Scribblenauts.

I forgot about it for a while because I thought to myself "How much fun could a free game be?"

Well I finally got around to downloading and have been beyond obsessed with the game every since.


Basically every level you are trying to get a star and there are multiple obstacles in your way.

How do you overcome those obstacles you might ask?


That's right you can type in anything into the data base and it will appear.

Say the star you need is caught in a tree.

You can type in the word axe and suddenly your character is holding an axe and you can use it to chop the tree down and get the star.

I typed in the phrase "Jet Pack" in the data base and suddenly my character was wearing a tiny jet pack and instead of chopping the tree down I just flew up and got it.

The other day I was really struggling with how to get a Knight across a body of water and Brett said "Have you tried typing in flying pony?"

I did and a small pony with wings immediately appeared.

The other day I typed in "A snake in a cage."

And it literally appeared.


*You do eventually need to pay .99 cents to unlock more levels.

Cinnamon Bears

Every time I eat cinnamon bears I think to myself "Am I the only one in the world eating these?"

I have enjoyed these little suckers my entire life and have never seen anyone else eating them.

Surprisingly they sell them in the crew store on the ship and I have enjoyed two bags of them already.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Trident Splash

In an effort to stop my late night snacking (nothing works) I have been chomping on different varieties of a Trident Splash and have decided it is my favorite variety of gum.

In Bermuda I picked up a few flavors I haven't found in the states.

Pucker Me Berry and Orange Swirl.

My all time favorites are Strawberry Lime and Peppermint Swirl.

I love the little splash of flavor in the middle that explodes in your mouth.

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BR Cookies 'n Cream Hard Candy

This candy is delicious and sugar-free.

It literally taste like cookies and cream ice cream is dripping down thy our throat.

I tried a few other flavors and this one is by far the best.

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