Thursday, October 25, 2012

Little People, Momofuku, Ritz Cracker Flavored Soft Serve

Two weeks ago in NYC Jeff, Brett and I went on a little adventure to Momofuku

One of the subway stations had tons of little people statuettes all over the place and I of course was obsessed with them.

They were adorable.

Jeff started off his meal with an order of 7 spice potato chips. 

Very tasty. 

I opted for the Momofuku ramen with shredded pork shoulder and pork belly.

It hit the spot.

But the real highlight of my day was the Ritz Cracker flavored soft serve.

It's a dream dessert for someone like myself who likes to end their meal salty.

This ice cream was so incredible that thinking about it makes me so sad I will never have it again.

Jeff makes delicious homemade ice cream and he told me he would attempt a batch.

The funny thing about Momofuku's soft serve is that there were no chunks of Ritz Crackers in the ice cream.

It was white and super smooth and just crazy infused with delicious Ritz Cracker flavor.

I was also surprised to find some sort of berry at the bottom.

On our way back to the ship I came across my favorite NYC paper coffee cup.

Its a Greek design I think from the 60's that has been a staple in bodega coffee shops around the city.

Every time I seem them on T.V. and film I smile.

It was really fun to see the real think littered on the ground.

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