Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amaretto Flavoring

I recently discovered amaretto flavoring and am obsessed.

I don't know why it has taken me this long to try it.

Every now and then I add a pump of almond syrup to my coffee.

I noticed there was another syrup bottle with almonds pictured on it as well as apricots.

I asked for it and was delighted by the taste.

International Coffee makes my favorite amaretto flavored creamer.

Their's depicts a picture of almonds and cherries which perplexes me because according to wikipedia amaretto is almond extract mixed with apricots.

It's also an Italian liqueur.

Just try any of its forms.

Sweet Potato Wrap

What's my favorite part of stopping in St. Thomas you ask?

The beautiful beaches? Vistas? Bushwackers?


It's the sweet potato wrap from Barefoot Buddha a local coffee shop across from where the ship docks.

It is one of my favorite things ever.

Mashed sweet potatoes, cream cheese, hummus, spinach and tomato.

Our First Annibearsary....see what I did there?

Jeff and I celebrated our first year annibearsary the other day.

I call it that because it happened to fall on the same day as Monday night football and the Bears were playing.

We started the evening off with sushi.

Jeff bought me an awesome Bear's t-shirt.

Then we joined Megan and Brett in the pub to watch the game.

Brett and Jeff complain that the MNF announcers don't always give the Bears the credit they deserve.

Well that all changed when every single commentator predicted the Bears would win.

What was so funny was that Brett and Jeff still weren't satisfied.

"Great! Now they jinxed us." They complained.

I am happy to report the Bears won.

It was a win win kinda night.

Moccasin Booties

I have wanted a pair of moccasins for forever and finally bought a pair of moccasin booties the last time I was in Texas.

I got the shoes and the dress in the above photo from my favorite store located in Gruene, TX called Simply Detailed.

You can friend the store on Facebook.

The moccasins kinda match my skin tone which gives the illusion that I'm not wearing footwear at all.

I've been wearing them everywhere with different shorts and dresses.

I'm not sure they always match but I love them.

Shake Shack

Our last visit to NYC and Jeff, Brett and I went to the Shake Shack.

Oh boy was this place amazing.

I mean it might have been the best burger of my life.

There I said it.

It was a burger that dreams are made of.

Just so so good.

I finished off my meal with a jelly donut concrete.

Never in my life have I ever thought of mixing donuts and ice cream.

So inventive.

Please open a Shake Shack in Chicago.

Bermudian Sugar Packets

Even the sugar packets in Bermuda are classy.

I laughed so hard when I picked up one that had a small pair of Bermuda shorts as their logo.

I also came across slender packets that feature fancy men and women dressed in clothes from the 1920's.

Little People, Momofuku, Ritz Cracker Flavored Soft Serve

Two weeks ago in NYC Jeff, Brett and I went on a little adventure to Momofuku

One of the subway stations had tons of little people statuettes all over the place and I of course was obsessed with them.

They were adorable.

Jeff started off his meal with an order of 7 spice potato chips. 

Very tasty. 

I opted for the Momofuku ramen with shredded pork shoulder and pork belly.

It hit the spot.

But the real highlight of my day was the Ritz Cracker flavored soft serve.

It's a dream dessert for someone like myself who likes to end their meal salty.

This ice cream was so incredible that thinking about it makes me so sad I will never have it again.

Jeff makes delicious homemade ice cream and he told me he would attempt a batch.

The funny thing about Momofuku's soft serve is that there were no chunks of Ritz Crackers in the ice cream.

It was white and super smooth and just crazy infused with delicious Ritz Cracker flavor.

I was also surprised to find some sort of berry at the bottom.

On our way back to the ship I came across my favorite NYC paper coffee cup.

Its a Greek design I think from the 60's that has been a staple in bodega coffee shops around the city.

Every time I seem them on T.V. and film I smile.

It was really fun to see the real think littered on the ground.

the lip scrub

I treated myself to Sara Happ's blood orange lip scrub.

I have wanted a lip scrub since high school and have just never allowed myself to buy one because they seemed so frivolous.

My lips are always chapped and flakey so I knew this product would help.

Not only does it smell wonderful this lip scrub has made my lips so smooth and had helped with my lipstick application.

Even though its a small pot I think it will easily last me a year.

Sara Happ also offers tons of other lip products that looked amazing.

I highly recommend them.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Buc-ee's the best convenience store in the world.

Buc-ee's is an amazing convenience store in Texas.

Jeff and I stumbled upon one of there flag ship stores in New Braunfels, Texas that last time we were in town and it was pure heaven.

I want to live inside a Buc-ee's.

Here were some of the highlights. 

Frozen Dr. Pepper and Big Red....I have never come across this in my life.

An entire row dedicated to Corn Nuts.

A wall dedicated to gummy candy.

Delicious BBQ and Breakfast tacos. 

Every coffee creamer flavor in the world.

Pies in jars.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Aphasia Drawing

A gentlemen at the Austin Out of Bounds Improv Festival made this drawing of our group Aphasia.

We all love it!

Pear Pie

I made a pear pie a few weeks ago and it was a huge success.

The recipe can be found here.

It was super easy to make however I have one tip: The mixture that you pour over the pears tends to be too much so either don't fill the pie completely (or use a deep pie crust) or place some aluminum foil under the pie in the oven to prevent custard from spilling all over your oven.