Thursday, August 23, 2012

My First Olympic Post

I love the Summer Olympics and this year was the first time I had really watched them since 1996.

I've been totally consumed with them the last few weeks and am sad/ happy they are over.

I was seriously watching them 5 + hours a day so for that reason I am glad to have them done.

But at the same time I could watch women's gymnastics every second of everyday for the rest of my life.

Here were a couple of first impressions I had of this years events.

I really did not like our uniforms!

Although I didn't really like any country's outfits.

Kevin Durant still managed to look super cool despite the stupid beret.

I loved the opening ceremonies.

I didn't necessarily "get" everything but overall it was a good show and I got goosebumps when the rings formed in the air and when the torch was lit.

Actually I almost cried.

My favorite part however was when the cameras focused on one particular townsmen.

In my head I was like "Wow that extra is really getting into character."

Then I realized "Hey that's Kenneth Branagh."

I love him so much.

Mainly because he just so......Kenneth Branagh.

He's so over the top with his acting but in a way that defines him.

My brother and I have had many a discussion on Branagh and when he popped on my television I immediately took a picture of him and texted it to my brother who doesn't have cable and was unable to watch.

We then had a hilarious texting exchange.

Since I missed the 2008 Summer Olympics due to working on a ship...I googled most of the women's gymnastics events from those games to catch me up.

I was super impressed with Nastia Liukin and I wish she was still competing.

I found her posing with this super cool gymnastics doll online.

I kinda want that doll.

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