Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Name Steaks

Last weekend Jewel had samples of No Name Steaks in front of their store.

First of all Jewel never has samples so I was already excited when I saw people handing out food on toothpicks.

I decided I wouldn't do my usual "I'm too embarrassed to get a sample so I'm going to tiptoe over there and get one sheepishly" routine and I just made a beeline to the table.

I sampled the steak and the parmesan chicken and both were delicious!

Especially the steak.

To Jeff's surprise I did something I never do...I bought some!

I never buy a product I sample!  I usually want to but don't.

Well for $8.95 I got a package of the 3 petite cut steaks which are currently sitting in my freezer waiting to be grilled.

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