Friday, July 6, 2012

The Killing

You may or may not remember my post about actress Mireille Enos  from a few years ago.

Well I'm happy to report that she is back and on a fantastic show called The Killing.

The show is really great...almost like The Wire but not quite as good.

But Mireille is just phenomenal.

She smiles maybe twice in the first two seasons.

Also she is so good at delivering bad news.

If you ever have any bad news to tell me please send Ms. Enos to my door step.

Somehow I know I could handle whatever problems come my way with her by my side.

I love that her character is always breaking the rules to solve the crime.

But I do wish her friends and family would just leave her alone and let her do her job. They are constantly nagging her about how she works too hard and too long.

Look people she's busy solving a murder!

Let her do her job!

Check out the show and tell me what you think.

I just started season two.

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