Friday, July 27, 2012

TV and Movie Family Portraits.

I just came across the following link of Facebook.

These are so great and once again makes me wish I could draw.

Here are my favorites.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Micro Teacup Pomeranian

This dog is REAL.

Hamburger Bed

I love this bed!

Jeff can we get one?

Oreo's 100th Anniversary

If you follow me on Facebook you know that I've been coming across some pretty awesome new Oreo flavors in my travels.

For some reason I have only been able to find one of the below flavors in Chicago.

Well in honor of Oreo's 100th birthday they are releasing all types of crazy new Oreos for me to buy and devour by myself at home.

Here is my review of the following limited edition cookies:

My Mother sent me these sherbet flavored Oreos in the mail and I busted them out at a game night party we had.

Verdict: Amazing, Delicious, I give it 5 out of 5 Oreos.

I can't even describe the flavor except to say go get some now and taste summer explode in your mouth.

My Mother also sent me this batch of Birthday Cake Oreos.

Now this was the flavor I was dying to try.

Verdict: No good!  Dare I say gross.  I give it 1 out of 5 Oreos.

None of my friends liked them.

My dear friends Matt and Brynne ordered me these Golden Oreo Fudge Birthday Cake Cremes for my birthday.

They ordered them for me you guys....from Amazon!

What nice friends they are.

Verdict: Mind blowing! Amazing to the 10th power! I give it 5 out of 5 Oreos.

Go get some now...well order them since I don't think they are in stores.

These Triple Double Oreos were also a gift from my Mother.

Isn't she so kind!

She is fueling this addiction!

Every time I thank her for yet another care package of Oreos she says "I hope you are sharing with friends."

And I've had no trouble sharing thus far...well that is until I opened these Triple Double Oreos.

I was about to have people over so I opened these puppies to get my hands on one before anyone else.

Verdict: So good I almost called off the party so I could eat them all by myself in the privacy of dark closet. I give them 5 out of 5 Oreos.

I greedily ate three before my guests came and actually got a little sick.

They cookies are HUGE!

Go get some...I've seen them around Jewel.

Finally I give you The Creamsicle Oreo.

The last batch of cookies left from the care package my Mother sent me.

I have not tried these yet!

I'm waiting till the next time we have people over.

Verdict:  I kinda wanna open them now......

Free Vitamin Waters

I am once again training for the Chicago Half Marathon.

This time I've been running outside which has proven to be much tougher than my usual treadmill routine watching Real Housewives.

But the treadmill in my building is broken so for the past 2 months I've been hitting the Lake Shore path.

It's beautiful and all but running outside in the heat is exhausting.

That Nike app doesn't take into account the weather conditions when it shouts in my ear "You are going slower than you did yesterday."

Yeah that's because it's 99 degrees and I can't breathe!

I know what you are thinking "Jeannie you should run at 5am before the suns comes up."

Well I can't because I'm too busy watching horrible and amazing T.V. shows until the wee hours of the morning.

I watch amazing shows with Jeff then switch to horrible ones after he goes to bed.

For example I'll watch and episode of The Killing then an episode of Extreme Hoarders...not even regular hoarders but the extreme ones.

My dear friend Senja has been running with me.

She makes me get up early for my runs which is great however she runs so fast!

We do like 9 minute miles and I still hold her back!

The other day we were finishing a long 7 mile run in the heat when we both saw a mirage.

A man handing out freezing cold Vitamin Waters.

As we got closer we realized he wasn't a mirage but rather a guy who worked doing promotional gigs for Vitamin Water.

We were a mile away from our goal and got to pick our flavor and everything.

It really made that last mile so much better.

If there were vendors giving away free stuff all the time on the Lake Shore path my runs would be so much better.

Of course then I'd have no where to put anything.

I could barely hold that Vitamin Water for a mile.

No Name Steaks

Last weekend Jewel had samples of No Name Steaks in front of their store.

First of all Jewel never has samples so I was already excited when I saw people handing out food on toothpicks.

I decided I wouldn't do my usual "I'm too embarrassed to get a sample so I'm going to tiptoe over there and get one sheepishly" routine and I just made a beeline to the table.

I sampled the steak and the parmesan chicken and both were delicious!

Especially the steak.

To Jeff's surprise I did something I never do...I bought some!

I never buy a product I sample!  I usually want to but don't.

Well for $8.95 I got a package of the 3 petite cut steaks which are currently sitting in my freezer waiting to be grilled.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Braids by Senja friend from Finland (This is how I always introduce her) makes the best hair braids.

Here are some samples of her work.

She is just so talented.

Anytime she says she owes me money for something I always say "You can pay me in braids."

Here is a video we took of her "Double Trouble" braid.

This is my friend Senja from Finland

My good friend Senja is here from Finland!

This is her first time in America and she just so happened to arrive on July 4th.

Although she had just had a super long flight, Senja jumped right into the 4th of July activities.

She helped Jeff bbq.

And even wore an American flag scarf.

Actually this is a couple of napkins I fashioned into a scarf for her.

I am so obsessed with showing Senja all things American.

Also our good friend Scott Hanada is in town!


We had a double podcast the other day where we reviewed two movies on the AFI list: Platoon and It Happened One Night. 

Improvisor Joey Romain joined us for the first time.

Joey is one of the funniest people I know.  We met at the McDonald's on Clark Street around midnight one night and he was sitting with this really odd woman.  He seemed really happy to be with her so I thought maybe she was his friend.  About 10 minutes in I realized she was a crazy homeless lady that he couldn't shake.  We ended up finally being able to get away from her about 45 minutes later.  That's how nice Joey is.  You can check him out performing at iO.

Jeff brought full blown carrots with the stems on to one of the podcasts and Becca loved chopping away on them.

I love this picture of her so much.

Foot Spa

I busted out my foot spa machine the other day.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to do.

It was so enjoyable and really helped my feet since I've been running a lot lately.

Jeff signed us up for the Chicago Half Marathon again this year.

When he told me I cried...not only because it meant I had to start running a ton again but also because it cost $96.

But I've been feeling really good running almost every morning so there's that.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Killing

You may or may not remember my post about actress Mireille Enos  from a few years ago.

Well I'm happy to report that she is back and on a fantastic show called The Killing.

The show is really great...almost like The Wire but not quite as good.

But Mireille is just phenomenal.

She smiles maybe twice in the first two seasons.

Also she is so good at delivering bad news.

If you ever have any bad news to tell me please send Ms. Enos to my door step.

Somehow I know I could handle whatever problems come my way with her by my side.

I love that her character is always breaking the rules to solve the crime.

But I do wish her friends and family would just leave her alone and let her do her job. They are constantly nagging her about how she works too hard and too long.

Look people she's busy solving a murder!

Let her do her job!

Check out the show and tell me what you think.

I just started season two.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Brownie Parfait

I made brownie parfaits for the our podcast ( You can also find our podcast on iTunes under Thursday Evening Movie Club) this week and they were a big hit.

They were so easy to prepare I had to pass on the recipe.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Newman's Own Southwest Dressing

I finally find a low calorie salad dressing that I love and you can only get it at McDonald's!

That's right McDonald's has the sole rights to Newman's Own Southwest Dressing.

That's what I read online but please let me know if any of you have found it anywhere.

In other news I found that awesome shaving cream I blogged about the other day in the sale section at Jewel so I bought a few cans.

Also I've enjoyed all your comments about brown eggs!