Sunday, June 24, 2012


Venice was my favorite city out of all the places we visited.

I'd never seen anything like it.

It had such an old world feel.

We splurged and took a gondola ride. I think it was 80 euros. I told my friend Becca that and she reminded me that we paid that much when we took a gondola ride in the Venetian hotel in Vegas.

I love this photo of me, and old timey Italian couple and a dog.

This was a restaurant located outside a super duper old theatre which I thought was stunning.

Italy is crazy like that...they just have restaurants next to building from A.D.

Everywhere you go in Venice you see people air drying their things.

And it's always the nicest stuff.

It's never like teenage mutant ninja turtle sheets or old ugly underwear. It's always really nice, classy stuff.

Venice even got Jeff in the mood to give me a kiss in public!

He's gonna hate that I put that photos on here.

My favorite church San Marco Basilica.

Me and all the apostles.

Great food treats.

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