Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brown Eggs

I realized after spending some time in Italy how much fun brown eggs are!

I just went to the store and bought some for the first time in my life and am eating one as I write this post.

Brown eggs make you feel many different ways:

1.) They make you feel like you live on a farm and you Momma just told you to go out to the coops and get some eggs for breakfast.

2.) They make you feel like you are Amish.

3.) They make you feel like a rich, exotic, yoga person.

Pick some up the next time you are at the grocery store and write and tell me how they made you feel.


Cindy said...

I made breakfast with brown eggs today. All different hues of brown/beige. My mom has an 18 ct carton of them! I think her coworker has hens. It was certainly more of a task to choose which eggs to crack open for breakfast. Like maybe a different hue of brown meant a different flavor to the egg?

Jessika said...

All my hens lay brown eggs. And yes, I feel Amish. :) Somehow, white eggs are boring.