Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brown Eggs

I realized after spending some time in Italy how much fun brown eggs are!

I just went to the store and bought some for the first time in my life and am eating one as I write this post.

Brown eggs make you feel many different ways:

1.) They make you feel like you live on a farm and you Momma just told you to go out to the coops and get some eggs for breakfast.

2.) They make you feel like you are Amish.

3.) They make you feel like a rich, exotic, yoga person.

Pick some up the next time you are at the grocery store and write and tell me how they made you feel.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Best Shaving Gel Ever

The last time I was in Texas I picked up some of this Skintimate Limited Edition gel and it is AMAZING.

It's the best shaving gel I have ever used in my whole life and I can't find it ANYWHERE.

If you happen to see it around where you live get yourself a can....and maybe send me one?

Overnight Bag

I love this western girl weekend bag!

I saw it in a random cowboy shop and now I can't find it anywhere.

Nice Teaoot

A few weeks ago I had tea with my Mom and her friend and I just loved the teapot I was given.

I looked at the bottom and it said Crate and Barrel but I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

Street Festivals

I'm trying to go to as many street festivals as possible this summer.

So far I've gone to one:  Chicago Pizza Fest

Shih tzu/ Ewok

My dreams have come true.

Someone has taken my love of shih tzus and ewoks and combined them.

I couldn't have been more happy to find this photo online.

Our Bikes

Jeff bought himself a bike and guess what?

It matches my bike!

His bike is not even from the same company as mine.

It was all happenstance.

What's really cool about Jeff's bike is that it has a cup holder.

So when he rides it he always has a delicious beverage with him.

We've been getting tons of compliments around town about our matching cycles.

I love it!

I mean Jeff won't even leave the house if we are both wearing shirts that are the same color.

But for some reason he's o.k. about the bikes.

International Terminal @ Heathrow Airport

On our way back home we had a layover in London Heathrow's airport in the international airport.

It was breathtaking and even hosted two Harrods department stores.

So classy, so beautiful, so English.

I sat down and enjoyed some English tea and just took it all in.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finland is Crazy

Jeff and I traveled to Finland to teach and perform at the first ever Tampere Improv Festival.

We first stopped off in the capital city of Helsinki for 3 days and Jeff taught workshops.

This is a board of suggestions in Finnish. Their language looks like a toddler just made up words. But I do love that in the middle of all of these Finnish words someone yelled out "Zumba" great suggestion.

This theatre was called Dungeon Theatre because they do their shows in the basement.

As you can see the Finnish people all look like beautiful vampires. They are so Nordic looking.

The woman are beautiful.

In Tampere I made two good girl friends.

Marju above and Senja below.

It was so weird seeing such beautiful girls eat blood sausage for dinner.

Finland created a line of 99 calorie snacks.

I guess Americans like round numbers which is why we have 100 calorie snacks.

Senja and I went to a street fair and each bought a ring made from a spoon.

Mine is engraved with the name Maire and hers is engraved with the name Lempi.

Senja explained to me that in Finland it's a tradition to give a baby an engraved spoon with their name on it the day of their baptism.

So now in all our correspondence we call each other by our spoon name.

This chopped salami sandwich blew my mind.

The Tampere improv group who hosted the festival is called Jadajada.

They had a BBQ just for us and cooked up their famous Finnish sausage.

Finnish people live on sausage they love it so much.

But they don't eat it with a bun just in a napkin. So strange.

Senja introduced me to a Daim McFlurry.

Daim is a caramel chocolate bar in Finland.

It was so good.

Jeff buying mini donuts at the street fair.

The faux apple store is called Humac People.

My friend Ari who looks like a hired assassin. I said he should do an improv show were he plays an assassin who just happens to have a passion or the theatre.

The Finnish people love to sauna. They sauna 3-4 times a week.

So it was only natural that at the end of the festival they had a sauna party.

Here's Senja and I post sauna.

It was so refreshing and soothing.

Of course someone was cooking up sausages outside the sauna.

My friend Popcko from Israel.

Senja telling Daniel from Berlin about our spoon rings.

We told him he had the most amazing head of hair.

Spoon sisters!

I walked back to the hotel by myself around 4am when the party ended.

I can't think of another time in my life when I left a party so late.

Also since the sun only sets for 2 hours in the summer it was pretty light outside so I felt perfectly safe walking around alone.

During the walk I reflected on what a great time I had in the 10 days we spent in Finland. I love the people so much.

Finland is just so crazy.

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Barcelona Obsessions

We spent a nice chunk of time in Barcelona with my family who flew in to hang out.

We rented an apartment and did a ton of stuff.

Here we're some of my favorite things.

Gaudi's Sagrada Familia church.

We went to a great market on Las Ramblas.

Mini flamenco dancing outfits for toddlers.

This dress is actually a pair of pants upside down.

Barcelona Cathedral.

Jeff coached an improv group in Barcelona comprised of people from England, Holland, Turkey and Venezuela. My brother also sat in. They were great.

Bud and I at Gaudi's Casa MilĂ .

Maxibon is my favorite ice cream treat in all the world. When I lived in Italy for a summer I used to skip lunch just to down one of these suckers.

For some reason I couldn't find then in Italy but I finally ran across them in Spain. I tried their new cookie dough flavor. Delicious!

I thought Italy had amazing desserts....but Barcelona held it's own.

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Venice was my favorite city out of all the places we visited.

I'd never seen anything like it.

It had such an old world feel.

We splurged and took a gondola ride. I think it was 80 euros. I told my friend Becca that and she reminded me that we paid that much when we took a gondola ride in the Venetian hotel in Vegas.

I love this photo of me, and old timey Italian couple and a dog.

This was a restaurant located outside a super duper old theatre which I thought was stunning.

Italy is crazy like that...they just have restaurants next to building from A.D.

Everywhere you go in Venice you see people air drying their things.

And it's always the nicest stuff.

It's never like teenage mutant ninja turtle sheets or old ugly underwear. It's always really nice, classy stuff.

Venice even got Jeff in the mood to give me a kiss in public!

He's gonna hate that I put that photos on here.

My favorite church San Marco Basilica.

Me and all the apostles.

Great food treats.

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