Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Small Travel Obsessions: Barcelona to Rome

I found "Instant Paella" inside a gift shop at the Barcelona airport.

My Dad made paella a few times when I was younger and it was delicious but it always seemed like a very elaborate dish to make.

I can't imagine how the instant one tastes. 

Here's a picture of me drinking fresh apricot juice on the flight.

Jeff thought I was crazy but I don't think I have ever seen fresh fruit juice on a plane let alone apricot.

My first purchase in Rome was some lavender bubble bath.

1.) When I walked in the door I was offered a sprig of lavender wrapped in ribbon.

2.) The lady who helped me wrapped my purchase so carefully you would have thought I was giving it to the Queen of England.

3.) She finished the wrap job by tying a purple, fish net type ribbon around the bag then...are you ready for this....she sprayed the ribbon with lavender perfume.

Now this is what I call LIVING!

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