Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tapas Dessert Cart

Jeff and I made it to Barcelona!

We spent most of our day going back and forth from our hotel to the airport to a shuttle downtown to drop off some of our luggage that we won't be needing till we are back from Italy.

That's right tomorrow we are going to Italy for 8 days.

I have never in my life wanted to go to Barcelona.

Not that I had anything against it but it just was never on my travel list.

Now that I am here I love it!

Tonight we had tapas for the first time ever.

Tapas are a mixture of different appetizers or snacks a.k.a miniature food!

I love miniature food and tonight I ate 4 mini sandwiches with different cured meats and cheeses.

Absolutely delicious.

Then for dessert the waiter wheeled over the dessert cart!

I have always wanted a dessert trolley that contained mini desserts wheeled over to me table side.

It was a dream come true and don't even get me started about the mini strawberry tart with miniature strawberries on it!

The waiter could see my excitement so I said "It's my first day in Barcelona."  He replied with "Happy Birthday."  He thought when I said first day that I said birthday.  This was one of many cultural/ translation mistakes that occurred today.


emily d. said...

i just read parts of this out loud to a friend. so funny. happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE eating Tappas. I am so backward, though. The 1st time someone told me that we were going to eat Tappas, I had never heard of it and thought they said "Topless." Now it is a running joke for us so that when we are going a Tappas restaurant, we always say that we are going to a Topless restaurant.