Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tiny Towers

It's official I'm building a Tiny Tower!

Tiny Towers is a free app for your iPhone or iPad.

I enjoy playing it on the iPad.

Basically you build different types of floors: Recreation, Service, Food, etc. then you have the residents who live in the building work on different floors.

The residents are called Bitizens and their is even a Bitbook which is a spin on Facebook where you can follow how all your residence are doing.

The Bitbook really cracks me it has me in stitches.

I love when I give one of my Bitizens a job and then I go on Bitbook and they are like: 

"UGH I hate having to get up to go work at the STUPID TOY STORE."

Gee Bitizen could you be a little more open with your feelings?

I mean in the real world if you wrote that on Facebook you would be fired!

I mean I let you live in my Tiny Tower for let's be honest here a DOLLAR.

And now you are going to get all over Bitbook and diss me?

Me? The person who waited for 3 hours for the "stupid" toy store to get built?

And your commute is so easy!


Life doesn't get much better.

Not on my watch!

I think I take Bitbook way to seriously.

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