Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Blog You Must Start Following...

Katie's Pencil Box

This blog is one of my new obsessions.

Meet Katie....a beautiful woman who is just so darn cool.

In every picture on her blog she is dressed up from head to toe in awesome vintage outfits.  It doesn't matter if she is cleaning the house or working out she is always dressed so impeccably.  She is one of those perfect people who knows they are flawed and not perfect thus making them even more perfect.  Does that make sense?  What I mean is that as a woman reading her blog you kinda want to hate her and her perfect life but she is so fantastically normal that you just can't.

She elevates normal life.

Take the above photo...she is ALWAYS drinking milkshakes....I kid you every other post on her blog she is like "Today feels like a milkshake day."  And I sit in awe of her because I never let myself get a milkshake.  Too many calories I think and pass it along yet here is a beautiful young woman downing milkshakes like she's never gonna drink them again.  She looks so cool doing it.  Yet I could be doing it too....I mean a milkshake is like $2.00.

This is what I mean by elevated normal.

Katie is a photographer and takes all the pictures on her blog.

She somehow makes the most mundane things look amazing.

Take this bowl of mints for example....WHY DOES IT LOOK SO COOL?  It's just a bowl of mints.  But with Katie's magic touch its something more....a centerpiece....a statement....something I must have.

Meet Katie's Boyfriend Matt.

I mean of course right..... he looks so cool too.

A tattoo artist....I mean of course.

And can I just say that like Katie, Matt is also always dressed so cool.

I mean look at how he is dressed to get a Christmas tree.


Who are these people????

How are they this cool???

Do you know what my husband would have said if I'd been like "Hey honey why don't you wear a 3 piece vintage suit to go pick out our Christmas tree?"

He would have stared at me and then continued to wear his Brian Urlacher jersey.

And they are constantly doing rustic things like in these pictures.

That's Katie's son Max.

This picture makes me think "When is the last time I rowed a boat?"  Oh that's right NEVER.

I mean I just want to row a Katie!!!

Here's a picture of Katie from the other day when she decided to use lemons to clean her house.

First of all I'm assuming she wore the above outfit to clean her bathroom in.

Do you want to know what I wear to clean my bathroom: workout spandex pants and a tshirt advertising a yogurt shop.

Second I know that if I tried cleaning my house with lemons it just wouldn't work.

Do you know what I mean?

Katie and I are just not the same person.

I wish I was more like her...but I'm not and I just won't ever be.

But I love her blog so much and I hope you guys start following it.

It's such a great life to follow and then exclaim out loud "She just ate a hot fudge sundae for breakfast???"

Katie.....if google alerts sends you to my blog I just want you to know that I live in Chicago and I know on one of you blogs you visited my city and said what a good time you had and how you want to come back.

If you ever do...get in touch with me!

My husband and I live right on the lake in the heart of the city.  We will make sure you have a fantastic time and even get you free tickets to our improv shows.

Then maybe you can take a picture with me and post it on your blog and for 5 seconds I will know what it's like (As Ariel says) to be a part of your world.


emily d. said...

you convinced me. your next challenge is to get her to start following mine : ) and, hey, why can't i follow you (jeannie) through google friend connect?

Anonymous said...

I will check out her blog. But, while you may not be Katy, I love your blog and cannot imagine that even with her perfect life, her blog could be as perfect as yours. Just like this one, it's always a perfect, free-flowing stream of thought on whatever has you obsessed at the moment.