Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oreo Triple Double and Camouflage Cups

I heard on the news that the new Oreo triple double was set to debut soon.

The reporter was saying how some people are mad because these cookies were already bad for you before and now they are even more bad for you!

I don't care!

Everything in moderation.

I have looked everywhere for the triple double and finally found it.

It was really late at night so I didn't sample any but I WILL.

While at the grocery store I came across these camouflage plastic cups.

I thought they were super cool.

I also didn't buy them that night but I WILL someday...maybe before a hunting party?


Mr J said...

I love to take Oreos and dip them into those pudding cups and just take one big bite. Saves on making a dirty spoon, and it's fun and messy as well.

Anonymous said...

thats awesome