Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Strokes

You guys I finally discovered the band The Strokes.

It only took me 10 years.

I'm never really up to date on the latest music but I happened to be watching SNL a few months ago and watched this group perform their latest single Under Cover of Darkness.

It's so catchy!

Saturday I remembered to look them up on iTunes and I ended up buying their new CD Angles (which I misread as Angels until Jeff corrected me).

The entire thing is fantastic and so great to run to because its all upbeat.

Listen I have no idea what the lyrics are to their songs but I don't care.

When I sing along I just mumble.

But for some reason these guys really get me going and make my runs so enjoyable.

And I mean how cool are these guys?

Their lead singer Julian Casablancas is like way too cool for school.

First of all his last name is Casablancas, I mean come on now, what a cool last name.

I am so obsessed with them I told Jeff I want to go to one of their concerts.

I never want to go to concerts.

For whatever reason their latest single reminds me of a ski trip I went on in 11th grade.

The coolest guy in the school went and I had a major crush on him.

We sat together on the bus ride there and back.

I used all my good material on him.

Like I saved specific jokes and stories just for him.

I had him in stitches!

He lent me his sweater, took pictures with me on the slopes with one arm around me and gave me his ear warmer head band.

And yet even after he showered me with all this attention he ended up kissing every other girl that weekend except me.

I remember sitting next to him on the bus ride home thinking "Why am I still wasting all my good material on you!"

I mean I even told him all my ramen noodle jokes!

Those are priceless!

I have no idea why but every time I hear this song I so vividly remember that ski trip.

You should totally download their new album.

Who knows what memories it will conjure up in you.

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