Monday, July 25, 2011

Winter's Coming...

I am beyond obsessed with Game of Thrones the new HBO show based on the best selling books by George R. R. Martin.

I had two friends recommend the books to me but I was deep in the throws of The Hunger Games.

Jeff started reading Game of Thrones and said he couldn't really get into it.

Its kinda written in that old english language with tons of characters.

So we got the t.v. series instead and just finished season one.

It is so fantastic.

What I love about it is it has all the makings of a typical "we want to overthrow the king type storyline" with betrayal, adultery, incest, ect.

There are 7 kingdoms who all think their region should be the one ruler to oversee the others.

All the kingdoms are guarded by a giant white wall that was constructed a long time ago because there where creatures known as walkerlings who killed tons of people.

The walkerlings look and act like zombies and everyone thinks they are extinct but they're not.

Also winter is coming... that's what everyone keeps saying on the show.

I guess it hasn't been winter for 9 years and now everyone is worried about it.

So I love that man is fighting over who should rule when there is this even bigger zombie threat lurking.

I feel like next season everyone is going to be running around screaming "Who cares who the King is there are zombies out there!"

Everyone on the series is fantastic but my favorite actor is Peter Dinklage.

I'm so glad he's is getting more notoriety.

I think I might try reading the books now that I know who all the characters are.

Jeff told me that there are currently 7 books out and the series still isn't finished.

Everyone is nervous because I guess it took the author 8 years to write the last one and he's really old and people are worried he's going to die without finishing them.

I can't wait till season 2 comes out.

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