Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shokudo Honolulu: Dessert Toast!

Last Saturday our Honolulu friends took us to an awesome Japanese restaurant called Shokudo.

The atmosphere of this place was so sleek.

For starters I indulged in pumpkin tempura.

I had never heard of such a thing before and I have been eating tempura since I was eight.

We all know how much I love it was my favorite dish of the day.

I also somehow convinced everyone to order an All in One sushi roll.

Or as my friend Jay called it "the aquarium in your mouth roll."

It was chef recommended!

It tasted so good and you could actually taste each individual fish.

I don't know how they did it.

And for the big finale: dessert toast!

Homemade sweat bread which they slice thick.

They cut out the inside and dice it up into chunks then add a scoop of ice cream.

You have to fly to Honolulu and get some.

This should be on your bucket list.

I got the cookies and cream one!

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Mr J said...

I enjoy eating at Chinese restaurants, especially the all you can eat ones. We used to have one by us called The China Buffet.
They had a great variety of food, and I thought it was better than delivery.
I loved the fried squid, fried rice, General Tso Chicken, shrimp, boneless ribs, egg drop soup. And the best thing was that for dessert, you can operate a softee cone machine. Loved it. However one night I was in the mood to go there for supper, but when I got there they were closed, as the health inspector found many health violations and had to shut down the business. At times I noticed that some of the food was not hot. But sad to say that nothing lasts forever. Oh do you enjoy dropping a penny within their fountains and making a wish?
I really love the dragon decorations, especially from a Chinese place called Fortune Wheel. And who might be tempted to rub the belly of the Budda statues they have there. ( Or maybe the women would prefer to tickle his belly, to see if he laughs.) I hear that it brings good luck and fortune. Who knows. But you can't beat the fortune cookies. I love those.