Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hot Springs Story

Jeff sent me this iPhone app a week ago and I'm so obsessed with it I think I might have to delete it.

I play non-stop and into the wee hours of the morning.

Basically you build your own spa and are constantly trying to invest in peoples projects so that they come visit your spa and give you high ratings.

When your popularity ratings get really good you get more add ons and a higher clientele.

The game goes on for 16 years (yes I have already completed my first 16 years) and then gives you a final score.

I had a tough go my first time through and I didn't understand that in order to attract more people I had to invest in their projects around town.

To get more business to your spa you can invite beauticians and cafe owners to stay a night and then they decide if they want to start up their business at your spa.

Well I never invested with these people.

I just kept inviting them to my spa and they came and were so RUDE!

I literally got a note from one of them that said "I see no point in starting up a venture here."

Every time you invite these people to spend the night at your spa you have to pay them $400 and I had no idea that they were mad at me for not investing in them and their friends around town so my popularity ratings were super low.

But they came every time and walked around my spa with a sad face and ate at my 5 star restaurants with a sad face and got my best room (the western one with a great view of the bamboo forest) and still gave me the harshest reviews ever.

It actually really hurt my feelings because I love spas and I was really proud of my spa.

I just wasn't getting the business angle.

So I decided to start fresh with my new spa Relax Max (you get to name your spa).

I've invested with everyone around town and my popularity ratings are through the roof.

Maybe just maybe I'll invite the beautician, architect and cafe owner back to spend the night.

I'm sure now they will be dying to do business with me!

And of course I will because I love the Japanese but boy they are hard to please in this game.

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