Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Monopoly Winnings!

Last week I made so much money playing Monopoly.

It was crazy.

Phil and I were losing really bad so we decided to join forces.

I owed all the green properties and he owed Boardwalk and Park Place.

I know what you're thinking, how were we doing so bad with such great properties.

Well we were last in the dice roll order and everyone else bought all the houses.

So we had to pay like $600 in rent to people and when they landed on our spots they only owed us $50 because we didn't have any houses.

So Phil and I made a deal that we would split all the rent we received on our properties.

It kept us alive and soon other people went bankrupt and we scooped up those houses and in the wee hours of the morning started putting hotels up.

At one point someone landed on one of my green properties with a hotel on it and they owed me over $2,000.

I ended up with the most money but Phil and I decided we would share the victory.

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Mr J said...

Monopoly?! I get excited when Mcdonalds has the Monopoly pull and peel game. Yeah, it's been on the news that the game is rigged, but it's very addicting. I have won some free food prizes, but not the major ones. I remember an old Dos game of monopoly, where the players were little human figures and they ran around the board. Each of the humans were different colors. It was funny to see them run around the board.
Now I hear about a Monopoly slot machine game where several people can play together and play bonus rounds and games to win bigger bucks. I once got a Monopoly Cd rom game on a box of cereal. It was cool.