Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Short Circuit

I recently watched Short Circuit for the first time.

I was going through my cast mate, Phil's DVD collection and I pointed to Short Circuit and said "Is this Wall-E's Dad?"

Phil insisted I watch it and I did and I love Johnny Five.

Everyone else in the movie was awful but that robot is so adorable.

Wall-E looks so much like him but Jeff looked it up and apparently the animator of Wall-E had never seen Short Circuit before.

A few weekends ago my Hawaiian friends took me out to get pho soup.

I've always wanted to try it so they took be to a Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of the China town in Honolulu.

My good friend John and I got egg creams which were pretty good.

The pho was amazing.

It's similar to ramen except the broth has a basil, lime flavor.

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