Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Hunger Games

Stop what you are doing and go buy The Hunger Games!

I am so obsessed with this book that I read it in one day.

It reminds me a lot of my two favorite short stories: Shirley Jackson's The Lottery and Ernest Hemingway's The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber.

I ALWAYS judge a book by its cover and had my reservations about this one.

To me the book jacket screams FUTURE, ROBOTS, CREATURES WITH WEIRD NAMES.

And while some of this is true the writing is terrific and you are hooked after reading the first page.

Listen guys I have been waiting for a book series like this to latch onto.

Sure I've read Lord of the Rings, a few Harry Potters, The Twilight Saga and yes even all 7 books of the Pretty Little Liar series.

I mean they were all alright.

I guess my favorite being LOTR.

And yes its fun going to the Twilight movies even though they are awful.

But now I have a series I can get excited about!

And get ready folks because the movie comes out next year starring: Jennifer Lawrence!

I love her!

She is perfect for the role.

I will be at the midnight showing wearing my hair in a long braid down my back carrying a bow and arrow and when my friends who haven't read the books turn to me and say

"Why are you dressed like that?"

I will answer "No reason."

I'm starting book 2 tonight.

Don't fail me now Hunger Games!


Molly H said...

Um.... I'm OBSESSED with these books. I had to listen to them in the car, but they're so addictive! Eeeeeeeeek! Yes and yes. Have you looked up the cast on IMDB yet? You simply must. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this series!