Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Colony on Discovery Channel

Do you like Survivor?

Then you'll love The Colony on Discovery Channel.

My friend Rance introduced Jeff and I to this show last year.

We just finished season two and it was just great.

Much better than season one except I recommend both.

The Colony throws a group of people together in a post apocalyptic world and sees if they can survive.

People get busy building water filtration systems and energy sources on day one.

You know what I would do day one of the apocalypse...CRY.

I am too lazy to go up to the buffet on the ship when I need a drink, there is no way I'd build a water filtration system.

The show really makes you wish you had gotten your degree in chemical engineering or physics.

A theatre degree will NOT help me in a post apocalyptic society.

Although this season had a model and she did o.k.....well actually something really really bad happens to her.

Check it out if you need a new show!

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Anonymous said...

Hated Survivor, so . . . But on a more positive note, LOVE your new pic at tea with your hat and your new blog background/theme!