Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Bang Theory

I don't watch network comedies.

That's right I'm one of those people.

So when I caught Jeff watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory I was super judgmental.

Then I sat down and watched the rest of it with him.

I laughed out loud so much I knew I was hooked.

Not only do I own all the DVD's of the show but I also have in my possession two BBT t-shirts: The Friendship Algorithm one and the one that says Bazinga!

Give this show a chance.

Everyone does a great job however my favorite character is Dr. Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons.

I love him so much.

The show is about a group of extremely intelligent nerds who all hang out together.

Much of the comedy comes from the clashing of worlds between the nerds and Penny, the hot girl neighbor.

I love Kaley Cuoco who plays Penny.

I think she does a fantastic job and I love that she laughs a lot on camera.

I first saw Kaley in the Lifetime movie Fat Like Me, where she plays an attractive teenager who dons a fat suit to see what high school is like for overweight people.

It's one of those so bad it's good, made for T.V. movies.

Now in it's 5th Season I still thing the show is going strong.

Jeff thinks the first 3 seasons are the best.

It's one of the few television shows that makes me laugh out loud every episode.

I love these guys.

Here's a short youtube of Sheldon saying his signature catch phrase "Bazinga!"

Here's Wolowitz playing Dance Dance Revolution.

I wish I could put more Youtube clips up but most of them are blocked so just go watch the show for yourself!


Jessika said...

The Chuck E Cheese Balls Bazinga clip? I rewound and watched again and again on when the episode was posted. SO FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

I came into this a couple of seasons late and had to play catch up because it used to come on opposite something else we watched. I'm a huge fan. I love "Blossom" as Amy Farrah Fowler. I don't see how she and Jim Parsons keep straight faces playing across each other. The episode where she does the gossip experiment and the one where Sheldon goes out with the girls . . .

Tiffany said...

One of my favorite shows of ALL TIME! I audibly laugh at least half of each episode. Never fails.