Monday, May 2, 2011

Ruby!- The best reality show on television

I have been meaning to blog about Ruby for a long time now.

I just finished season 2 and in my opinion Ruby is the best reality T.V. show.

O.k. so the premise of the show is about Ruby's inspirational journey as a 700 pound woman trying to lose weight.

"That's sounds like the worst show ever." Says Jeff and my other cast mate Phil.

It is the BEST show ever and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Ruby is southern and sassy as all get out.

She has the "it" factor and knows how to work it.

She is hysterical and even makes up her own words for example:

1.) Hacky- a combination of happy and wacky; Ruby only says this word when she is really feeling good.

2.) Nerdous- nervous; Ruby says this word a lot before her weekly weigh ins.

3.) Sinsi- sensitive; Ruby says this when her friends make her feel good about herself

4.) Bertha- what Ruby calls her behind

5.) Fins- friends; Ruby calls her friends fins

"This definitely sounds like the worst show ever." Says Jeff Griggs


I love Ruby with all my heart.

She has the greatest fins and family in the world.

I want Georgia to be my best fin!

She has a toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend Denny.

Y'all Ruby is down to 300 pounds.

It's been a long year for Ruby and she has had many set backs but she is still smiling and going strong.

She makes me laugh out loud every episode.

Do yourself a favor and give Ruby a chance.

She will grow on you so fast.

I feel like me and her are old fins.

I'm currently downloading season 4.

"Season 4???? This show is still going on???." Says Jeff Griggs

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Anonymous said...

Pro - pretty smile. Con - big feet.