Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Obsessions to make up for the fact that I haven't been blogging

I went to a real running store in Kona and bought new shoes.

I've only ever bought gym shoes at Foot Locker and since I started running I've only used the Nike Bowerman series.

They've been pretty great but now that I've been running 6+ miles (yes I'm bragging) my feet really started to hurt.

As soon as I went in the store I told the sales guy my problem and he recommended the Brooks Glycerin shoes for woman.

The store only had yellow and as soon as I was about to ask for a different color the guy said "I can't stand it when people only care about the color of the shoe."

"I know" I said retracting my question.

I LOVE my shoes and can now run 7 miles in them (again I'm bragging).

They were pricey like $118 but the way I think about it is running keeps me slim and if I gain weight I'll have to buy all new clothes so it evens out.
I am loving the new A&E documentary Heavy.

The show takes morbidly obese people and puts them on the right track to losing weight.

For phase one they people move into a super nice weight loss resort on Lake Austin for 30 days.

They have no phones or T.V., all there food is monitored and they work out for like 5-6 hours a day.

I love when the trainers go through everyones bags the first day looking for contraband.

One guy had so much candy hidden in his bag and his trainer was getting so mad at him.

His trainer thought he had found all the candy and was like

"Is that all the candy Aaron?"

And poor Aaron was like

"I don't know I think I got one more snicker bar in there."

And he did.

The trainer went ballistic.

For phase two the people are sent home to lead there normal lives except they are each provided with a trainer at their local gym.

For phase three they have to do it all on their own.

It's a really inspiring show and I have to admit peoples excuses for eating to0 much can be kinda funny sometimes.

"It's this east Texas heat. That's why I gained 14 lbs back cause of all the humidity down here."

No it's because you just ate 3 medium pizzas from Pizza Hut, but nice try.

I watched the entirety of the last season of the Bachelor a few weeks ago.

When Brad Womack didn't pick a girl his first time through I was like who cares.

He doesn't have to pick someone if he doesn't love them.

So I was all about giving him a second chance.

But something seemed off about him from the beginning.

I just don't believe him ever.

So when I watched the reunion episode of was so upset to hear from sweet Emily that Brad had a temper problem that he called "The Beast."

Get it together dude.

You may be attractive and successful but you are a walking ball of problems and Emily deserves better.

Run Emily....RUN.
My parents visited me last week and my Dad bought me this sweet tiki mug from the best restaurant in Hawaii Mama's Fish House.

I love it so much!
What little girl didn't want to be a mermaid in the swimming pool?

Now its easier to be one with this mermaid fin from Sky Mall.

I kinda want one but I'm afraid I might drown with my feet all bound up like that.

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