Saturday, April 30, 2011

Waiting for Superman and Crazy Lady

I really enjoyed this movie.

It pretty much reaffirmed what I already thought.

It's really hard to find good teachers.

It also made me realize I need to start saving NOW for my kids education.

Also my parents were so influential in my educational upbringing.

Making sure I did my homework, helping me when I needed it or getting me tutors.

The movie is dense with lots of layers depicting a horrible cycle of education in America.

Reminded me of The Wire season 4.

As soon as the movie ended I turned to Jeff and said "Well our kids are going to private schools."

On a separate note...this woman comes into Starbucks every time I'm there.

She literally rearranges all the furniture to her liking.

Picks up any trash and cleans all the tables in counters....(she does not work there) then puts flowers everywhere.

I know she means well and is probable supposed to be making me feel at peace but she scares me.

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