Thursday, March 3, 2011

Secret People

I enjoy keeping a few of what I like to call "secret people" in my life.

Secret people are people I know and remember from some walk of life who I now see existing in the world around me yet I never bother to go up to them and say "Hey I remember you from such and such do you remember me?"

I just let them exist around me.

Me knowing who they are and them having no recollection of me.

I never forget a face or a name.

I acquired my first secret person while I was in college.

My Hinduism class which I was taking to fulfill some sort of requirement to graduate was a smallish class.

Under 100 people I would say.

I saw this girl over and over and I was like why does she look familiar?

Suddenly it dawned on me.

We went to middle school together.

Now my family moved around a lot and I only went to school with her for maybe 2 years but still surely she would remember me.

One day after class I did the ole "Hey I'm so and so do you remember me from middle school?"

"Sorta" She said.

The conversation feel very flat after that.

She wasn't being mean she just didn't care.

Then I felt like she thought I cared.

Which I really didn't either.

I mean it was a coincidence but I didn't expect us to be best friends or even friends by bringing it up.

We never really spoke after that and I'd wished I'd kept her a secret person.

After her I noticed another boy on campus that I went to middle school with.

This time I decided not to say anything to him.

It was kinda funny to see him from time to time run around campus.

And I would think "I know him and he doesn't know that I do."

After I moved to Chicago and started working at Bloomingdales I briefly joined Weight Watchers.

I think I went for a month.

Anywhere there was a girl in my Weight Watchers meeting who not only worked at Bloomindales but also went to my college.

We never knew each other.

I just remembered her face from some committee and she worked on a different floor in Bloomies that I did.

Yet once again I sat there observing her thinking I know so much about you right.

My favorite secret person of all time was a girl I used to play basketball against in Japan.

She was the biggest center/ forward I ever had to guard.

She terrified me.

She also happened to live on the same street as me in Chicago.

I kid you not.

I actually found her on Facebook and she confirmed that she did in fact live on my street and that I should have said hi.

She has since moved.

I made the mistake of sharing my obsession with secret people to a friend of mine and now she went and blabbed to my current secret person that the two of us should say hi to one another!

I got a message the other day saying "So and so says I should say hi to you."

So I currently have no secret people around me.

But I hope to come across someone soon!

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