Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Puppies, Cake Stand, Joe Canale

This is the puppy I want.

A miniature shih tzu.

They are only 3 pounds!

So sweet and docile and they look like Ewoks!

Joe Canale remains my favorite improvisor of all time.

He even posed for a picture with me a few weeks ago.

Jeff reminded him of all the times I tried to tell him that he was my favorite improvisor only for him to ignore me.

Jeff: "Joe do you remember calling the production studio Jeannie used to work at?"
Joe: "No"
Jeff: "Well you did asking about a pay check and Jeannie picked up the phone and said Mr. Canale it's me Jeannie. I just want to tell you I'm your number one fan. And do you remember what you said back?"
Joe: "No"
Jeff: "You said, Can you just connect me to payroll."

We all started to crack up.

Joe: "What a jerk move."

I love this cake stand!


Tiffany said...

I also love that cake stand! Where did you see it?!

Jeff Griggs said...

You really shouldn't boost Joe's ego any more.

Jeannie's Obsessions said...

Tiffy- I saw it at a bakery in Chicago called Bittersweet.

Jeannie's Obsessions said...

Thank you for the comment Jeff!