Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Puppies, Cake Stand, Joe Canale

This is the puppy I want.

A miniature shih tzu.

They are only 3 pounds!

So sweet and docile and they look like Ewoks!

Joe Canale remains my favorite improvisor of all time.

He even posed for a picture with me a few weeks ago.

Jeff reminded him of all the times I tried to tell him that he was my favorite improvisor only for him to ignore me.

Jeff: "Joe do you remember calling the production studio Jeannie used to work at?"
Joe: "No"
Jeff: "Well you did asking about a pay check and Jeannie picked up the phone and said Mr. Canale it's me Jeannie. I just want to tell you I'm your number one fan. And do you remember what you said back?"
Joe: "No"
Jeff: "You said, Can you just connect me to payroll."

We all started to crack up.

Joe: "What a jerk move."

I love this cake stand!

Jeff grossed out

We went and ate at a really kitchy restaurant the other night and the bill came to us in a high heel shoe.

Jeff was really grossed out.

Cute Stuff

While I was browsing a craft store this formation of dinosaurs caught my eye.

I hung around a while and caught the culprit.

How cute!

Also, who remembers making these funfusions?

I used to love going over to other people's houses and making these ugly chotchkies.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Candy Dishes

When I grow up I want to be one of those woman who have a lot of candy dishes on display throughout my house.

Who doesn't love a candy dish?

My opera teacher even had hidden candy dishes.

She would open a little drawer and say "Here have a ginger candy."

Then she would shove one in my mouth before slamming the drawer shut.

I view woman who have lots of candy dishes in their house as being magical, cool and fun.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lofthouse Cookies

I remember the day.

It was my brother's eighth grade graduation and I spotted these pillowy looking cookies on the refreshment table.

They were the best cookies I had ever eaten.

For the rest of the night I kept getting more pretending each time that it was my first one of the night.

Nowadays I usually only buy them around Halloween.

I get way out of hand with my Lofthouse cookies.

One time I bought them for a class picnic in college and ate half of them in my dorm room the night before.

How embarrassing.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bill Miller BBQ

I tried Bill Miller BBQ for the first time ever on my last trip to San Antonio.

I guess you can call it a local chain restaurant.

They have them all throughout the San Antonio area, as well as in Austin and Corpus.

My Mom took me there one day for breakfast and I got the sausage and egg taco and it was delicious.

Really great smoked sausage.

We ate it there and I just think the whole restaurant is so cozy.

During breakfast they also had a nice salsa bar.

I took Jeff to Bill Miller the day he left and we had lunch.

So good and you get to keep the cup!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Doll House- New Orleans

The Doll House was my top priority of things to see in New Orleans.

A father built his daughter a miniature replica of the house they live in for her to use as her play house.

I spotted it from across the street and immediately got excited.
It's the smallest house in New Orleans that receives mail!

Wares found in Marshalls

I really like this old, worn library card catalogue dresser.

I also love these little men!

I want then everywhere: bathroom, kitchen all over the place!

Gingerbread house in a gingerbread house!

A mini version of the gingerbread house inside the gingerbread house.

I LOVE stuff like this!

I LIVE for stuff like this!

I also love that they used fruit strip gum and smarties for the walkways.

Valentine's Day

I have always loved Valentines Day.

This year I had fun baking coconut cupcakes from scratch.

I think they were the best thing I have ever made.

Here is the recipe.

It was cool using my iPad to follow the recipe.

This huge box of chocolates was marked down from $50 to $30 the day after V-Day.

I really wanted to get it but I didn't.

The beautiful box of chocolates Jeff bought me!


One of the aisles in Alcatraz is named Broadway.

One of the dancers cheered and said "I finally made it to Broadway!"

He then pointed out this fancy lipgloss.

"They had lipgloss back then?" He said pointing.


Beautifully Plated Desserts

My Dad bought the dessert sampler at Maggiano's.

It was to die for.

Dad's Birthday Dinner

Jeff and I made my Dad his birthday dinner and it consisted of food we were obsessed with in Columbia.

Jeff made delicious salmon with a brown sugar and butter sauce.

He also made homemade plantain chips.

I made the frozen, minty lemonades.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jeannie's Obsessions Featured In Sabra News

My blog was featured on Sabra's blog.

The best hummus in the world!

Hurricane Simulator

For $2 you too can experience what it's like to be in a hurricane.

I actually saw a kid go in here and the wind was blowing really fast!


I was introduced to Boursin cheese spread on my last ship.

Jo and I would often make ourselves cheese plates and then sneak them down to Jo's cabin to eat while we watched Real Housewives.

We love cheese and the Boursin was our favorite onboard.

It was always the first cheese to go.

The buffet opened at 5 and by 5:10 all of it was gone.

Our last week on the ship Jo and I got there exactly at 5 and took the whole thing.

So indulgent.

As soon as I got home I asked my Mom if I could buy a whole case of them at Costco.

She let me and I ate all 3 tubs pretty much on my own.

So very very indulgent.

Whenever I eat Boursin I think to myself "What a spoiled little girl you are!"

Go buy some.

Odd pictures from New Orleans

At the Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar there was this old man walking around taking photos of people on one of those instant polaroid cameras.

Then he inserted the photo in a piece of printer paper, wrote a little message and was selling them for $10.

People were actually buying them.

This father brought his five year old to Bourbon Street.

Since it wasn't that late at night things weren't insanely crazy but still not a place for kids folks.

One restaurant was cooking a delicious smelling pot of soup outside.

Look at all those lemons!

I bought my brother some of this.

He laughed and showed my mom.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Taco Fortune Cookie

I just discovered these on my last trip to Texas.

I wonder how long they have been around?

Hilarious, I love them!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I can't get enough of Ruby!

Ruby I love you.

Ruby is a reality show about a woman struggling to drop from 500 plus pounds to a healthy weight.

The difference between this weight loss show and others is Ruby's personality.

She is a hoot!

I love everything about her and I wish she was one of my best friends.

I've only watched season one and am saving the other 3 for the ship.

What I love about Ruby is that despite all her hardships she always puts her best foot forward.

She has awesome friends and they all have so much fun together.

I'm cheering for you from my living room Ruby that you reach a healthy weight.

Yankee Candle Lip Balm

When I first started doing improv I used to mention Yankee Candles a lot.

I did so many scenes where I named so many Yankee Candle.

I actually have never owned one because they are too expensive.

Now I don't even want one because I like the candles at Anthropologie better.

The other day at a Hallmark I saw these new Yankee Candle lip balms.

They caught my eye but I feel like its something an older person would buy.


Thank you to John for all the comments!

Which John is this?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Secret People

I enjoy keeping a few of what I like to call "secret people" in my life.

Secret people are people I know and remember from some walk of life who I now see existing in the world around me yet I never bother to go up to them and say "Hey I remember you from such and such do you remember me?"

I just let them exist around me.

Me knowing who they are and them having no recollection of me.

I never forget a face or a name.

I acquired my first secret person while I was in college.

My Hinduism class which I was taking to fulfill some sort of requirement to graduate was a smallish class.

Under 100 people I would say.

I saw this girl over and over and I was like why does she look familiar?

Suddenly it dawned on me.

We went to middle school together.

Now my family moved around a lot and I only went to school with her for maybe 2 years but still surely she would remember me.

One day after class I did the ole "Hey I'm so and so do you remember me from middle school?"

"Sorta" She said.

The conversation feel very flat after that.

She wasn't being mean she just didn't care.

Then I felt like she thought I cared.

Which I really didn't either.

I mean it was a coincidence but I didn't expect us to be best friends or even friends by bringing it up.

We never really spoke after that and I'd wished I'd kept her a secret person.

After her I noticed another boy on campus that I went to middle school with.

This time I decided not to say anything to him.

It was kinda funny to see him from time to time run around campus.

And I would think "I know him and he doesn't know that I do."

After I moved to Chicago and started working at Bloomingdales I briefly joined Weight Watchers.

I think I went for a month.

Anywhere there was a girl in my Weight Watchers meeting who not only worked at Bloomindales but also went to my college.

We never knew each other.

I just remembered her face from some committee and she worked on a different floor in Bloomies that I did.

Yet once again I sat there observing her thinking I know so much about you right.

My favorite secret person of all time was a girl I used to play basketball against in Japan.

She was the biggest center/ forward I ever had to guard.

She terrified me.

She also happened to live on the same street as me in Chicago.

I kid you not.

I actually found her on Facebook and she confirmed that she did in fact live on my street and that I should have said hi.

She has since moved.

I made the mistake of sharing my obsession with secret people to a friend of mine and now she went and blabbed to my current secret person that the two of us should say hi to one another!

I got a message the other day saying "So and so says I should say hi to you."

So I currently have no secret people around me.

But I hope to come across someone soon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cupcake Bath Bomb

Do Not Eat!

That's what the label said when I picked up this cupcake shaped bath bomb while browsing a plantation gift shop in Louisiana.

Pricey little bugger too.

Thankfully Jeff bought it for me.

So let me get this straight the people living in the plantation didn't have running water and had to pee in buckets under their beds yet they used bath bombs?

Seriously everything in that gift shop was so modern.

Surprisingly enough the bath bomb did not smell like a cupcake.

It smelled more like a bouquet of lilies.

I found that little tid bid out long before I dropped in my bath tub however.

As Jeff was purchasing it the lady behind the counter looked at it fondly and declared.

"Oh your bath water is going to smell so good. Why your bath water is going to smell just like lilies. You are not going to want to get out of your bath water."

Is it just more or do the two words "bath" and "water" put next to each other make you want to vomit just a little in your mouth.

Needless to say the bath was most enjoyable.