Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tim Riggins #33

For years people have told me to watch Friday Night Lights.

Well Jeff and I finally got around to watching it and we love it.

It has the football drama Jeff loves and the high school love triangle drama that I can appreciate.

My favorite character on the show is Tim Riggins.

His Mom left him and his brother when he was little and his Dad is flakey so he and his brother live alone in a house with a pool.


He can literally do anything he wants whenever he wants to.

Of course the downfall is that he doesn't have a family to lean on during tough times but I mean he's a good looking guy who lives in a parent free house with a pool!

How tough can his life really be?

Well according to the show pretty bad...seeing that Tim's trying to overcome alcoholism.

In high school I knew this family that consisted of 3 kids, 1 girl and two boys.

They had a mansion and their parents owned a construction company.

Word on the street was that their parents were separated but both still worked at the business.

Every time I went over to there mansion there was never a parental guardian around.

The Mom would literally pop in for two seconds grab something and leave.

They did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.

At one point during the school year one of my guy friends was having problems at home and literally just moved into their mansion.

No questions asked.

I found them all so fascinating.

I remember one time I came over to the mansion and they had all these people over and were having a B.B. gun fight indoors.

I immediately took cover and just watched them all thinking "You can't play with B.B. guns in the house!"

But of course they could.

They could do whatever they wanted just like Tim Riggins.

Eat a whole cake for dinner, sure.

Play video games on your parents huge flat screen in there bedroom till 3 am on a school night because their not coming home anyway, why not.

Construct potato guns in the kitchen while ransacking your garage for loose parts from one of your Father's model cars, everyone does that right?

While I was on a rant telling Jeff about the mansion kids he turned to me and said "You do realize you're an adult now and can do anything you want right?"

"What do you mean?" I replied

"I mean you keep saying how all these kids could do whatever they wanted because they didn't have parents around. You're an adult now you don't have parents around." He replied.

"But it's different Jeff imagine being able to do whatever you want when you're 15!" I said.

Of course I would never want to grow up without my family!

My parents are my greatest supporters!

It's because of them that I had such a successful high school and college career.

Because they actually said "No" to me when I wanted to stay out till all hours of the night.

Because they didn't let me do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to.

Even as an adult I can't do whatever I want when I want to.

Most people who have that mentality I have found are really selfish.

So thank you Mom and Dad for not leaving me to fend for myself as a teenager in a house with a pool.

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