Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Sell me on an iPad"

People on the cruise ship and in life love coming up to me while I'm using my iPad.

They smirk and in a super condescending voice always say the same thing:

"Sell me on an iPad."

Guess what Shmoehawk I don't have to do anything you want me to do.

Back up with that bad attitude and get out of my face.

The bottom line is you either can't afford an iPad or don't want to spend the money on it so just leave me alone.

I'm reading or doing work and you want me to stop what I'm doing and show you the million functions an iPad offers just so you can end the conversation by saying things like:

"Yeah but I bet a new one is coming out really soon."

"My laptop is pretty small and way cheaper than that and does the same stuff."

Or my personal favorite:

"It's just a big iPhone."

I also love when people don't believe my iPad facts.

"I don't see a keyboard." They say "How can you type emails?"

Since I'm reading I just look up and respond "The keyboard pops up."

And then they literally give me a look like they totally don't believe me and I have to get out of whatever I'm doing and show them the little keyboard and then they go "Oh."

The other day I was looking through a woman's magazine and a man came up to me and said:

"I knew it those things were only for woman."

What a Shmoehawk.

Bottom line if you use the phrase "Sell me on a iPad" you are not cool enough to own one.

1 comment:

Deanna said...

Jeannie, from now on say, "I only work on commission so unless you're willing to fork over the cash I'm on vacation."

Maybe that'll shut the schmoehawks up.