Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coffee Adventure

Jo and I went on an excursion to a coffee farm in Costa Rica.

The bus ride was 4 hours long!

I knew Jo and I were meant to be best friends because of our shared love of Real Housewives of any city.

The bus ride included a tour guide but we sat in the back of the bus, pulled our my iPad and watched RHW D.C. the whole way there.

The coffee farm was so much fun!

We had a blast.
Here's me raking the beans so they could dry.

Jo loves coffee so I was really happy to accompany her on this adventure.

As soon as we got to the coffee farm however all the Central American men could not stop hitting on Jo!

It was crazy how many of the guys who worked on the farm came up to her and asked her for her email, which I guess is the international way of asking for her phone number.

We quickly renamed the adventure "How Jo Got Her Brew Back" paying homage to the classic chick flick "How Stella Got Her Grove Back" a story about a woman in her mid forties who travels to the Virgin Islands and meets a sexy native half her age who sweeps her off her feet.

In "How Jo Got Her Brew Back" Jo a young, beautiful American travels to Costa Rica to find the perfect cup of coffee and instead finds a tall glass of water named Adolfo.

Above is a picture of her and Adolfo the gentleman who begged her for a kiss on the cheek.

We were literally on the tour bus to leave and our tour guide Esteban came on the bus and asked Jo for her email!

It was such a fun girls day.

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Anonymous said...

Jo's cousin in the coffee business is most impressed.--H.