Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dinner and a Movie

I started watching TBS's Dinner and a Movie back in 7th grade.

The basic format of the show is that they pick a classic movie and prepare a themed dish to go with it.

Here are some examples:

The Breakfast Club Sandwich- The Breakfast Club
Jane Fondu- Monster-in-Law
Pecan someone your own size pie- Sleeping with the Enemy

I remember being little and watching the show and thinking I want to do that when I grow up.

Watch a movie then during the breaks just do bits about the movie.

I still think it would be an awesome job.

Now back when I watched the show the hosts where Paul Gilmartin and Annabelle Gurwich.

After a bit of googling I see that Paul is still on the show but there is a new lady.

Paul and Annabelle were the ultimate I don't know if I'd like any other woman.

I also found out that Paul trained at Second City.

I haven't watched this show since like high school.

When I get home I am going to make a point to tune in.

I even remember the theme song "Beans and cornbread had a fight.."

Also there's a cookbook available!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Pocket and Crumpet!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Posters in the Mall

I am on book 4 of the Pretty Little Liars series.

I'm pretty sure they are meant for teens but I don't care the writing is hilarious.

Jo told me it was a T.V. show and I can't wait to see it.
Why didn't I think of this movie?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Sell me on an iPad"

People on the cruise ship and in life love coming up to me while I'm using my iPad.

They smirk and in a super condescending voice always say the same thing:

"Sell me on an iPad."

Guess what Shmoehawk I don't have to do anything you want me to do.

Back up with that bad attitude and get out of my face.

The bottom line is you either can't afford an iPad or don't want to spend the money on it so just leave me alone.

I'm reading or doing work and you want me to stop what I'm doing and show you the million functions an iPad offers just so you can end the conversation by saying things like:

"Yeah but I bet a new one is coming out really soon."

"My laptop is pretty small and way cheaper than that and does the same stuff."

Or my personal favorite:

"It's just a big iPhone."

I also love when people don't believe my iPad facts.

"I don't see a keyboard." They say "How can you type emails?"

Since I'm reading I just look up and respond "The keyboard pops up."

And then they literally give me a look like they totally don't believe me and I have to get out of whatever I'm doing and show them the little keyboard and then they go "Oh."

The other day I was looking through a woman's magazine and a man came up to me and said:

"I knew it those things were only for woman."

What a Shmoehawk.

Bottom line if you use the phrase "Sell me on a iPad" you are not cool enough to own one.

iHop Holiday Christmas

I'm a sucker for any seasonal food promo.

Right now I really wish I could gorge myself on holiday pancakes at iHop.

Honestly I'm a sucker for any type of promotional food advertisement.

Big Foot Pizza
Lasagna Pizza
Rockband Taco Bell Box
And who could forget the White Castle Brief Case.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update: Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter

It was only 7 months ago that wrote this and today I get the shocking news that Michael C. hall and Jennifer Carpenter have filed for divorce.

I am so saddened by this.

It's really going to throw things off for me when I watch the show now.

I guess there no longer driving to the set together or having lunch or even talking to one another.

So sad.

I have to know what happened.

What went so wrong that they couldn't fix?

I need to know who's side I should take.

I don't want to take sides I love them both.

You guys please get back together!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Private Karaoke Booth

I was hurring through the Miami Dade Mall last week searching for Christmas presents for Jeff when I bumped into this little booth in the middle of the mall.

My mouth dropped when I realized it was a personal karaoke booth that spit outs a cd of the songs you have sung when your finished.

In my mind this little booth is what is going to take me to heaven when I die.

I contemplated going in and singing my heart out but I only had 30 min. left in the mall and decided to not spend it selfishly.

Although I did try to justify it to myself when I thought

"I mean my parents would love a cd of me singing for Christmas...right?"

Clif Bars

I am loving Clif Bars at the moment.

My favorite flavors are Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownie.

They fill me up more than those little Quaker Oats granola bars do.

I don't do well with keeping a lot of snacks in my cabin so lately I've just been buying 14 Clif bars per cruise (one for every day of the week).

In writing this blog I went to the Clif Bar website and they have all these other flavors I've never seen in stores before: Cookies and Cream, Cool Mint Chocolate and Spiced Pumpkin Pie!

Where can I find these magical flavors?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Karate Kicking a Piece of Wood

My whole life I was under the impressions that karate chopping a piece of wood in half was nearly impossible.

I thought it was something only ninjas and samurais could do after dedicating their lives to the practice.

The other day I was watching Little People Big World and Zach took one karate class and by the end broke a piece of wood in half with his foot.

I didn't realize this was something one could learn how to do after an hour.

I have now made it a personal goal of mine to accomplish this feat and I want Jeff to video tape me doing it and then I want to put it on the blog.

It can't be that hard right?

Charlie Brown Christmas Album

I downloaded the Charlie Brown Christmas Album the other day in the hopes that it would give my cabin a more Christmasy feel.

It worked and the album is really great.

Also Jo and I listen to it while we play our new favorite game BANANAGRAMS!

My friend Adal gave Jeff and I this game a while ago and we are just now getting around to playing it.

Ninja Ornament

My Mom sent me a picture of the ninja ornament I got her from Japan.

It tickles me every time I see it!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tim Riggins #33

For years people have told me to watch Friday Night Lights.

Well Jeff and I finally got around to watching it and we love it.

It has the football drama Jeff loves and the high school love triangle drama that I can appreciate.

My favorite character on the show is Tim Riggins.

His Mom left him and his brother when he was little and his Dad is flakey so he and his brother live alone in a house with a pool.


He can literally do anything he wants whenever he wants to.

Of course the downfall is that he doesn't have a family to lean on during tough times but I mean he's a good looking guy who lives in a parent free house with a pool!

How tough can his life really be?

Well according to the show pretty bad...seeing that Tim's trying to overcome alcoholism.

In high school I knew this family that consisted of 3 kids, 1 girl and two boys.

They had a mansion and their parents owned a construction company.

Word on the street was that their parents were separated but both still worked at the business.

Every time I went over to there mansion there was never a parental guardian around.

The Mom would literally pop in for two seconds grab something and leave.

They did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.

At one point during the school year one of my guy friends was having problems at home and literally just moved into their mansion.

No questions asked.

I found them all so fascinating.

I remember one time I came over to the mansion and they had all these people over and were having a B.B. gun fight indoors.

I immediately took cover and just watched them all thinking "You can't play with B.B. guns in the house!"

But of course they could.

They could do whatever they wanted just like Tim Riggins.

Eat a whole cake for dinner, sure.

Play video games on your parents huge flat screen in there bedroom till 3 am on a school night because their not coming home anyway, why not.

Construct potato guns in the kitchen while ransacking your garage for loose parts from one of your Father's model cars, everyone does that right?

While I was on a rant telling Jeff about the mansion kids he turned to me and said "You do realize you're an adult now and can do anything you want right?"

"What do you mean?" I replied

"I mean you keep saying how all these kids could do whatever they wanted because they didn't have parents around. You're an adult now you don't have parents around." He replied.

"But it's different Jeff imagine being able to do whatever you want when you're 15!" I said.

Of course I would never want to grow up without my family!

My parents are my greatest supporters!

It's because of them that I had such a successful high school and college career.

Because they actually said "No" to me when I wanted to stay out till all hours of the night.

Because they didn't let me do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to.

Even as an adult I can't do whatever I want when I want to.

Most people who have that mentality I have found are really selfish.

So thank you Mom and Dad for not leaving me to fend for myself as a teenager in a house with a pool.

Coffee Adventure

Jo and I went on an excursion to a coffee farm in Costa Rica.

The bus ride was 4 hours long!

I knew Jo and I were meant to be best friends because of our shared love of Real Housewives of any city.

The bus ride included a tour guide but we sat in the back of the bus, pulled our my iPad and watched RHW D.C. the whole way there.

The coffee farm was so much fun!

We had a blast.
Here's me raking the beans so they could dry.

Jo loves coffee so I was really happy to accompany her on this adventure.

As soon as we got to the coffee farm however all the Central American men could not stop hitting on Jo!

It was crazy how many of the guys who worked on the farm came up to her and asked her for her email, which I guess is the international way of asking for her phone number.

We quickly renamed the adventure "How Jo Got Her Brew Back" paying homage to the classic chick flick "How Stella Got Her Grove Back" a story about a woman in her mid forties who travels to the Virgin Islands and meets a sexy native half her age who sweeps her off her feet.

In "How Jo Got Her Brew Back" Jo a young, beautiful American travels to Costa Rica to find the perfect cup of coffee and instead finds a tall glass of water named Adolfo.

Above is a picture of her and Adolfo the gentleman who begged her for a kiss on the cheek.

We were literally on the tour bus to leave and our tour guide Esteban came on the bus and asked Jo for her email!

It was such a fun girls day.