Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oprah's Favorite Things 2010

I've only seen the Oprah show maybe 5 times in my entire life.


Because its on at 4 in the afternoon.

Who is home at 4 in the afternoon?

I played sports my whole life and never got home from school till after 6pm.

Every job I've ever had ended after 5pm.

Who are these people who get to watch Oprah?

I've heard about Oprah's infamous "Favorite Things" episodes over the years as they've been parodied numerous times.

However I had never seen it...until this year.

We were allowed to get off the boat last Friday in L.A. for one night and I was in my hotel room at 2am and they replayed Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things 2010.

"This I got to see." I said to myself and tucked myself in bed.

The episode started off with O standing in what looked like a completely different studio.

It was grey and dreary and she was wearing an dowdy grey dress.

She informed the audience that the theme of the show was going to be about meditation.

She asked how many people in the audience mediated and a few people raised their hands.

"Hmm..well this simply isn't going to do." O said then things got really quiet and awkward.

Then out of now where she ripped her dress off revealing a glittery red gown and the audience started going BONKERS.

The grey dreary set was raised into the air revealing a Santa's Workshop themed Oprah set.

"It's my ultimate favorite things episode" She screamed as I saw a grown man fall to the ground crying.

Throughout this entire rouse my mouth was complete agape.

It was such a hilarious/ amazing transition that dare I say it knocked my socks off.

With every gift I found myself putting my hands on my cheeks and exclaiming "OH MY GOSH!"

It really was so much fun to watch.

And it looks like this was the best favorite things episode of all time: diamond earring, diamond watches, 3D 54" flat screens, and a 7 day cruise vacation!

The episode ended and I was exhausted from gasping so much then they showed clips for the next days episode.

O films two shows a day so what happened was audience members were being bussed in for her second show of the day and they see all these people stumbling out of Harpo studio carrying giant gifts and they know they just missed her Favorite Things episode.

So the new audience members get settled and O surprises them by having a 2nd Ultimate Favorite Things episode.

I nearly fell out of my bed!

The audience goes bananas.

I was really sad I wasn't able to catch that episode but I heard everyone got a new VW 2011 beetle.


That episode I caught is probable the last one I'll ever see.

I think it was a good one to go out on.

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