Monday, November 1, 2010

New Snacks

Jo cannot stop talking about Pop Chips and how they are going to dramatically improve her life once she gets her hands on some.

Mexico and the Caribbean is not the place to go searching for your favorite snack.

They don't have it.

But I love that Jo is always so optimistic.

We'll be in a swamp in the middle of Central America and she'll look over at me and say with a big smile

"Do you think we'll be able to find Pop Chips today?"

And I sadly have to be the one to tell her "No."

"Do you think the ATM in Cartagena will dispense American money?" She'll ask.

And again I have to be the one telling her "No."

"I just like to stay optimistic!" She says back.

Poor Jo she's been talking about Pop Chips ever since Jillian Michaels said they were her favorite snack and gave everyone a sample bag.

I also love Pop Chips and have been eating them since I was in Hawaii but they are tricky to find.

This Thursday Miami day is devoted to us finding them for Jo.

She says she's going to buy a life supply.

Another snack I've been buying in bulk whenever I can are Be Kind bars from Starbucks.

They are delicious.

However I have no idea how much one cost individually.

I'll buy my usually grande latte which is around $3.95 then I'll hand the barista 3 be kind bars and she looks up from the register, smiles and says

"That'll be $21.99."

I keep meaning to ask the real price.

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Anonymous said...

O.K. Found out online that pop chips are available at my local Target, so looks like I have to make a trip to check them out!