Saturday, October 2, 2010

The idea of drinking water from a stream

Now that I finally finished putting up all my pics from Japan, obsessions is back to blogging about obsessions once again.

Being in Alaska has brought up a long time obsession of mine.

I have always wanted to drink water directly from a stream.

I've often dreamt of cupping my hand together and scooping out cool water from a babbling brooke and putting it right to my lips.

For some reason, even though the answer is always no, I still like to ask anyone around me if they think it's safe to drink the water.

"You can't drink the water it's full of bacteria! You'll get sick and possible die!"

The other day I went to see a glacier and the tour guide said that it was safe to drink from.

Unfortunately the glacier was too far away to actually try drinking from it.

The one time I get the o.k. to drink from nature and I couldn't do it!

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Anonymous said...

Don't listen to the naysayers. I have drunk from many NC and GA mountain streams and I haven't died from any kind of bacteria yet!
When we raft on the Nantahala, I always take a water bottle and fill it up directly from the river.