Monday, September 27, 2010

Japan Day 4, Yokosuka

I lived in Japan for two years of high school.

Even though I knew in my heart I would be back someday I didn't
know when that day would be.

It was so surreal getting off at the Yokosuka train stop.

It had been 11 years since I'd last stepped foot there yet I still knew my way around.

Not much had changed.

I wasn't allowed on the base but here are some photos of the back of it.

Every weekend my friends and I would hit up the Daei mall.

It brought back so many fond memories to be back there.

I forced Jeff to take sticker pics with me.

He accidentally covered himself with hearts.

I really wish I had bought his headband.

Rain boots for little kids!

Outside the base.

The gate I walked in over a million times.

More's City another one of my old stomping grounds.

Giant Cup o Noodle claw game.

Some new video game where each player gets into their own pod.

The view up to the arcade I used to visit every weekend.

The building where I took my violin lessons from a very nice Japanese woman who didn't speak English.

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Location:Yokosuka, Japan

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