Monday, September 27, 2010

Japan Day 2, Akihabara Electric Town

As you can see we did a lot on our day two in Japan.

After the Japanese garden we took a boat to Akihabara otherwise known as "Electric Town."

Imagine 10 Costcos on top of each other.

Each floor specializes in a different type of electronic device.

They had awesome laptops.

This computer has two screens!

They had a wide variety of hair straighteners and curling irons that I have never seen before.

There was a whole are dedicated to massage chairs.

This fan had no blades in it.

A group of young men gathered to all play a new DS game.

Sword in the Stone type video game.

Why don't we have these games in America?

I bought Anne of Green Gables in Japanese!

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Location:Tokyo, Japan

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