Saturday, September 25, 2010

Japan Day 1

Wow, my vacation flew by and I'm already back on the high seas cruising Alaska and Canada.

I just got an iPad and it's really great for blogging so please keep stopping by I promise to blog lots!

Allow me to begin exactly where I last left off.

Jeff's sweet airplane set up on his way to Japan.

I enjoyed a delicious shrimp cocktail during the flight.

The train we took from Narita to Shinjuku

Jeff at the Shinjuku train stop.

Jeff outside the hotel area in Shinjuku.

Pachinko is huge in Japan.

These are coin vending machines that spit out little toys and treasures.

This drink actually did taste like pancakes!

I could feel the butter and syrup going down my throat.

Pastry in the shape of a turtle.

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Location:Tokyo, Japan

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Mrs. Jarcy said...

I once had a boyfriend from rural Kentucky (another story all together) and when he came to visit in Chicago he deemed everything "weird." Street signs, buildings, stores--weird. I cannot imagine what he would have done with that pancake drink.