Thursday, September 30, 2010

Japan Day 6, Tokyo

I enjoyed my Krispy Kreme breakfast from my hotel window.

Me at a Japanese Onsen, or bathhouse probable the most fun I had the whole week!

Jeff and I did an improv show in Tokyo at a place called the Crocodile.

We had a blast and played with the coolest people!

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Location:Tokyo, Japan

Japan Day 5, Hakone

Getting to Hakone took over 6 hours.

However the journey is the adventure.

We took a romance car train, a mountain train, a cable car and a ropeway all in the same day.

We dressed up at an old timey castle.

Here's a photo of the old timey mountain train.

We stopped at an outdoor art museum.

This one was my favorite!

When all else fails just fall flat on your face and give up.

The egg was my second favorite.

There was a really cool Picasso gallery.

View from the ropeway.

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Location:Hakone, Japan

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Japan Day 4, Kamakura

After Yokosuka we headed to Kamakura and checked out some more shrines.

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Location:Kamakura, Japan

Monday, September 27, 2010

Japan Day 4, Yokosuka

I lived in Japan for two years of high school.

Even though I knew in my heart I would be back someday I didn't
know when that day would be.

It was so surreal getting off at the Yokosuka train stop.

It had been 11 years since I'd last stepped foot there yet I still knew my way around.

Not much had changed.

I wasn't allowed on the base but here are some photos of the back of it.

Every weekend my friends and I would hit up the Daei mall.

It brought back so many fond memories to be back there.

I forced Jeff to take sticker pics with me.

He accidentally covered himself with hearts.

I really wish I had bought his headband.

Rain boots for little kids!

Outside the base.

The gate I walked in over a million times.

More's City another one of my old stomping grounds.

Giant Cup o Noodle claw game.

Some new video game where each player gets into their own pod.

The view up to the arcade I used to visit every weekend.

The building where I took my violin lessons from a very nice Japanese woman who didn't speak English.

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Location:Yokosuka, Japan

Crazy Japanese Signs

I like that the baby inside the belly is talking.

I really want to throw my hat down on the train tracks just to see this whole process in action.

For some reason they wouldn't allow men to use the sticker picture booths.

I guess you can nurse here.

I never saw it but in mind it's an American burger with ice cream added on.

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Location:Tokyo, Japan

Japan Day 3, Tokyo Dome City

I started the day off sampling some treats at the Krispy Kreme that was located literally right across the street from our hotel.

I had a green tea frappé and two green tea donuts with coffee grinds sprinkled on top.

They don't have packets of equal, splenda or even sugar they just have these little tubs.

There was a roller coaster that went over a through a mall.

Jeff's dream came true and we were able to get tickets to a Tokyo Giants baseball game.

We had an awesome time.

Do you like my "G" hat?

My favorite part of the whole Japanese baseball experience was their cheerleaders.

Not your typical concession stand.

Many people were eating bento boxes and sushi.

Not a hotdog or hamburger in sight.

A cute crepe place.

The cheerleaders pre-game pep rally.

Here they are on the field.

I love them so much!

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Location:Tokyo, Japan